Come taste the love so we can welcome you to the #SharpBBQFamily!

An Assortment of Excellence

Mouthwatering BBQ

Manning the grill is an art that requires specific skills. Over time, with hard work and perseverance, we have mastered this art so that you can reap the benefits.

Mississippi-Style Soul Food

Soul food is made with both memories and traditions that go back generations. Let our family recipes leave your taste buds with memories of their own.

Healthy & Vegan Options

Along with delicious BBQ and soul food, we have created healthy dishes along with vegan items that are unbelievably flavorful. You won't believe it came from a BBQ joint.

Southern Deserts

Hometown favorites from scratch just like grandma used to make'em. It'll leave you feeling blessed.

About Us

From mouthwatering BBQ and Mississippi-style soul food to Pacific Rim-inspired dishes and southern deserts, the menu pays homage to our family’s Southern and Island roots.
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